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I’m Josephine Anselin. I’m originally from France and I currently live in Indonesia, one of the most diverse and colourful countries I have ever visited. I’m constantly amazed by how much there is to explore out here!

I have a passion for endurance sports (especially ultra running), outdoor adventuring and travelling. I love spending my free time hiking through the hills, running on dirt trails and swimming in the ocean – the closer I am to nature the happier I feel.

My favourite way to explore the world is through long human-powered journeys. What attracts me to this type of adventures is the opportunity to challenge myself physically and mentally, to reconnect with nature, to be immersed in the wild and to experience the primal, purpose-driven and nature-centred lifestyle that many of our ancestors lived.

Some of my human-powered endurance adventures to date include:

About Sparks of Adventure

Sparks of Adventure travel blog

The Sparks of Adventure blog is an adventure travel blog. It was born out of my passion for exploring the world through human-powered adventure journeys.

I started this blog to share my outdoor adventure knowledge and experience in hope of inspiring and empowering others to get out and explore, from their backyard to the farthest corners of our amazing planet Earth.

The Sparks of Adventure travel blog provides adventure stories from around the globe, interviews with inspiring adventurers, adventure planning tips, practical advice and gear reviews – all aimed towards helping you set off on your next human-powered adventure.

I hope you enjoy it!!

And please don’t hesitate to get in touch to send me your feedback, future blog post suggestions or any question you have regarding all things adventure.

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I love writing about adventures and I sometimes get the opportunity to write for other publications. Here are a few of the places my words and pictures have been featured: